NSA/NSF DaNang Veterans Association

“Welcome Home” and welcome back to the NSA/NSF DaNang Family!


The mission of the association is to try to find as many of our NSA/NSF DaNang shipmates as possible.

It is estimated that in the history of NSF/NSA DaNang (from 1965 to 1972) there were at least 30,000 men and women assigned to this command. In 1999, when the association first started we had a list of 60 shipmates. Today we have found approximately 825 shipmates.


Our primary purpose is to give the veterans of NSA/NSF DaNang another vehicle to help find old friends. We also want to maintain an organization that can provide the opportunity to contact or meet old friends as well as develop new friends.

We try to fulfill our purpose in several ways. We have a list of approximately 700 DaNang Veterans with whom we have had contact. We continue to try to expand this list by advertising our reunions in many veteran’s publications, i. e. the American Legion and VFW magazines, other veterans associations and web sites, and our own web site. Additionally, we host an annual reunion that we move all around the country in an effort to make it available to more veterans.


We do not collect dues.

We do not want to collect dues. It is labor intensive and creates expense for notices and mailings. Additionally, we want to keep all NSA/NSF Veterans that we can find in the loop. We want everyone to get all the information and charging dues could lead us to lose many contacts. That would be counterproductive to our mission and purpose.

In addition to the cost of having reunions, we incur administrative costs to keep our organization functioning. We send a minimum of two (2) newsletters each year to our veterans. We try to keep the costs as low as possible by utilizing the internet and email. However, each newsletter costs us approximately $350 for printing, envelopes, and stamps.

Fund raisers held at the reunions and donations from veterans have provided us enough money to conduct the association's business.


The association has created a data base of all the veterans that we have been able to find. These contacts have come from reunion announcements, web sites and in many cases from other veterans who have maintained contact with or found old friends.

We collect your pertinent information mainly for the purpose of helping old friends and coworkers find each other. We only share name, mailing address and telephone numbers with NSA/NSF DaNang veterans.

We also use the information to send our newsletter and reunion notices and on occasion other information that is pertinent to our veterans. Email addresses are for our use only and we do not share even with our veterans.


We would like to include you and any shipmates that you have stayed in touch with or know of on our contact list.

We have had shipmates from Covered Storage, Security, SCRF, Deepwater Piers, Public Works Seabees, Tien Sha, China Beach, White Elephant, Bridge Ramp, Piers, POL, and Boat Crews as well as Detachments: Chu Lai, Hue, Phu Bai, Dong Ha, Cua Viet, Tan My and Sa Huynh.

You can submit your information on the attached form to Vice-President Wertz to be entered in our data base. You will receive our newsletter and reunion announcements.